FIF Branches

Females in Finance has branches all over the country, with about 200 members in total. Our branches are provided access to our resources, including but not limited to: our proprietary finance curriculum, our community of FIF branches, our alumni network, our Mentorship program, monthly notifications for upcoming competitions and opportunities, and videos from our YouTube channel. All students are welcome to apply to create a branch at their own school or local community center.

Our FIF Branches are overseen by our Outreach Director and Co-President, Vivian Lee.

High School Branches

Fieldston Middle & High

Episcopal High School

Hunter College High School

North Atlanta High School

Redondo Union High School

Staples High School

West Windsor Plainsboro High School


Girls In Finance Training (G.I.F.T.) is a weekly after school club for all middle schoolers who identify as womxn, including cisgender, transgender, and non-binary people who are interested in finance. Finance is male-dominated, which is often quite discouraging. G.I.F.T. is a supportive space for individuals who are traditionally left out of finance to pursue their interests in the field. Club members learn about how the market works through lessons as well as using an online stock market simulator called MarketWatch. The end goal of the club will be for everyone to track one stock they are interested and report its growth and reasons to invest at the end of the year in the form of a presentation.

If you are interested in creating a FIF Branch for G.I.F.T., fill out the Create a Branch form!

"I learned whether or not to invest in some stocks and why... It was really fun to be in a group with girls that shared the same interests as me."

- Chloe M. 6th grade Fieldston G.I.F.T. participant