What is Finance?

Finance describes the accumulation, spending and storage of money. One of the central theories of finance is that as time goes on, the value of a dollar decreases. For instance, in the 1910s, you could buy a loaf of bread for only a nickel. Now, that won't even buy a gum-ball.

To ensure that the value of your savings does not go down, people try to make money through investing. The most commonly known aspect of finance is stock trading, a.k.a. what they do on Wall Street. Finance can be sorted into 3 main categories personal finance, corporate (business) finance, and government finance.

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An Overview of Our Curriculum

We have created a comprehensive curriculum for all of our program participants! Our curriculum teaches the basics of finance and investment and aims to propel financial literacy! Our programs are custom tailored for the ages of the participants! Our middle-school program goes over the basics of finances in an engaging manner. Contrastingly, the high school branches of Females in Finance dive deeper into finance and provide opportunities to compete in several prestiges competitions.