Females in Finance

Who we are

Females in Finance is a non-profit organization created and run by female students to address one problem: young women's needs for financial literacy.

In short, financial literacy refers to the ability to understand and apply various financial skills, helping us make informed and effective decisions about money management. Financial literacy permeates every aspect of our lives, from everyday spending to long-term planning for funding education and retirement.

Women are among the groups with the lowest levels of financial literacy and access to formal financial products. Women are also more vulnerable than men in many aspects of financial behavior, including making ends meet, saving, and choosing financial products. The mission of our organization is to combat societal biases against females in finance and to create a welcoming space for those traditionally left out the field. We want to help the next generation become financially literate, one girl at a time.

Females in Finance offers programs for women of all ages to get involved. Middle and High school students are welcome to work with us to start a FIF club at their school or local community center, and are provided with resources to guide them, including our proprietary curriculum, our network of branches across the country, and opportunities to attend our conferences. Women working in finance can get involved by applying to be a mentor for our FIF Mentorship Program, in which students are paired with industry professionals to learn more about what it's like to work in finance and what opportunities are available to them. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, is encouraged to write for the FIF Blog.