Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality in The Business World

  • Women are underrepresented at every level of the business world, and women of color are the most underrepresented group of all.

    • The McKinsey study revealed that the underrepresentation of women in high-level roles isn't due to lack of education or attrition rates.

  • For almost two-thirds of women, micro-aggressions are a workplace reality.

    • Women have to provide more evidence of their competence than men. They are also twice as likely as men to have been mistaken for someone in a more junior position.

  • Sexual harassment continues to pervade the workplace.

    • Thirty-five percent of women in corporate America experience sexual harassment at some point in their careers, from being the recipient of sexist jokes to being touched in a sexual way.

  • Women who do not conform to traditional feminine expectations are more often the targets of sexual harassment

  • Being “the only one” is still a common experience for women.

    • One in five women say they are often the only woman or one of the only women in the room at work: in other words, they are “Onlys.” This is twice as common for senior-level women and women in technical roles: around 40 percent are Onlys.

  • Today, 87 percent of companies are highly committed to gender diversity, compared to 56 percent in 2012

What needs to happen?

  1. Set a goal for getting more women into first-level management

  2. Require diverse slates for hiring and promotions

  3. Put evaluators through unconscious bias training

  4. Establish clear evaluation criteria

  5. Put more women in line for the step up to manager

To find out more read the McKinsey & Company "Women in the Workplace 2019" report: