The Problem:

  • Corporate America has made almost no progress improving women's representation over the past four years.

  • Women are underrepresented at every level, and women of color are the most underrepresented group of all

  • Underrepresentation of women in high-level roles isn't due to lack of education or attrition rates

  • Young women are discouraged from pursuing their interests due to the "boys' club culture" that is instilled at a young age

Our Mission:

Our mission is to combat biases against females in finance and to create a welcoming space for those who are traditionally left out of the field. We want to help the next generation become more financially literate one girl at a time. To spread our mission across the world, we aim to expand our organization by creating individual branches!

Core Values:

  • Uplifting women through leadership and education

  • Creating change by involving advocates of all gender identities

  • Fostering a creative learning environment

  • Encouraging independence, individuality, and advocacy

  • Running an ethical and sustainable organization

  • Being transparent in all of our initiatives


June 2019: Founding of the Females in Finance

September 2020: Launch of the FIF Mentorship Program

February 2021: Attained Certificate of Incorporation

February 2021: Launch of the FIF Blog

June 2021: First Industry Exploration Conference

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Contact Rosemary at founder@femalesinfinance.net

Founder: Rosemary Jiang

Rosemary Jiang is a freshman at Stanford University. She is the founder and executive director of Females in Finance. Her passion for finance started at a young age. At the beginning of high school, she started to learn basic financial concepts and manage her own portfolio. Since then, she has been spreading her knowledge by teaching in her community.

"For me, it is often discouraging seeing the lack of women in the financial industry, which is why I created Females in Finance, an organization that challenges preconceived notions about women in finance in order to create a welcoming space for those who are traditionally left out of the field."

Our Supporters:

Fundraising for the Girl Child